Inner Dance … moving into 2018 energies

INNER DANCE… Moving into 2018 Energies Date: Friday, 12 January 2018 Time: 10.30am-12.30pm Venue: Chakra Yoga & Energy Healing space at Berjaya Court, Pulau Tikus, Penang Energy Exchange: RM80 Note: Bring your yoga mat, a cushion and shawl if needed and your bottle of water. Inner Dance is a transformative self-awakening process that allows participants to experience themselves and the world as vibratory fields of energy. In this state of energy awareness, one is able to experience deeper release, self-healing and transformation. It is a trance-based intuitive perception brought about by a sound healing modality that works with changing brain wave states. Physical touch is applied to stimulate and awaken the body’s intelligence for self-healing by triggering bodily and emotional responses, including spontaneous movement, that helps clear deep seated blockages and enable more flow at all levels. Many spiritual teachers have talked about 2018 as coming in with a big push even before the New Year actually starts, and sustaining the 5D (5th Dimensional) reality that many of us are starting to experience over the past months or even past years of spiritual awakening and development. In other words, sustaining a higher and more aware state of consciousness on a continued basis, even outside of usual meditation. The Inner Dance process assists you in becoming more aware of your multi-dimensional nature, which is also the nature of your true Self, your Buddha self, your Atman. Many of the ancient traditions refer to the Self which is beyond concept, beyond definition, and beyond all the cultural and social conditionings and limitations. You come closer to recognising and remembering the Self which is more pure, and infinite in nature. Join us in this Inner Dance to immerse yourself more fully in the 2018 energies which call for authenticity and more clarity of self and purpose. The Inner Dance has become a global movement of healers, artists, medical practitioners, ecologists, transformation experts and community leaders who are experiencing change from inside themselves as they bring change to the world around them. For more details check out the Inner Dance website: ——————————————–




Begin the year with a Spiritual Meditation, clearing the past decades and begin your overhaul for a whole New Frontier.
👉 Facilitator: Sarah-Joy Amin
👉 Time: 11 Jan. 11am – 1pm (Sat)
👉 Lifeworks Holistic Centr, Penang
👉 Abundance Exchange: RM111

Register with Justin Chan at Lifeworks or myself, Sarah-Joy Amin to book your space.

A whole new decade confronts us in opportune ways! Be a Creator or a Victim of change?

The world over, astrologers and ascension teachers are speaking about 2020 as a major portal to our inner and outer revolution /evolution– one that breaks away from past patterns that entrap us in powerlessness, pain and a habitual way of life that often obstructs us from realising our highest potential and creations. Astrological shifts in 2020 and for the decade to come are forcing massive changes upon us whether we like it or not. We either choose to be Masters of change, or continue to let life happen to us as unconscious subjects. The choice is ours!

This workshop with extended meditation will guide each of us to be more aware of what needs to be released and changed starting in 2020 and continuing on for the years to come. With planets Pluto and Saturn conjunction on 12 January 2020, and their energies staying for the year, it is timely to ride this major astrological wave of deep transformation. Saturn requires breaking down old control structures, and enables a slow rebuild of life with new and stronger foundations; while Pluto is about deep psychological wounds and patterns that are ready to surface for acknowledgement, clearing and transformation. Will you choose to enter this portal of deep and long-lasting change prepared?

Many other astrological features are also happening at this time in January and in the months to come in 2020/2021 that are supporting the breaking away of old authority structures, and a restructuring of outer control and inner psychical structures. While this is not a workshop on astrology it is helpful to know what are the cosmic energies of the times and work with these big energies to liberate yourself from control patterns that keep you in 3D lower dimensional ways of living.

Choose to Step up to 2020… The workshop will be in two parts:
a) First to identify old patterns and mental-emotional structures that you need to release and transform; and

b) Second, with deep awareness and sound commitment we undergo a guided meditation to open ourselves to receive new supportive energies for change. These include the divine feminine energies of deep Receptivity and Connection to Source; Strength, Wisdom and Perseverance to see what needs to change and let them go; and deep Love of self, other and the planet for true change and long-term shift into 5D or a higher consciousness.

We will be supported by the divine energies of goddesses Durga/Sekhmet; goddesses Gaia/Demeter; goddesses Hathor/Aphrodite! The meditation will include an upgrade of the chakra system introducing the 13 chakra system. This will be done through new Light and Sound codes supported by my guides and higher Self.