Chakra Yoga Classes combine hatha yoga postures (asanas), action movements (kriyas), a variety of breathing practices (pranayama) as well as concentration  meditation and relaxation techniques.

You will learn about the seven chakras, what they mean and how they affect your mental and emotional state. You will also be sensitised to the various postures and breathing techniques that will support different healing needs. For regular class updates and schedules check my Chakra Yoga & Energy Healing facebook

Beginner chakra yoga classes will focus more on feeling comfortable with the poses, developing flexibility and strength gradually, and on relaxation, while Intermediate classes will enjoy more flow moving from one pose to another, holding poses for strength, balance, focus and greater flexibility. Modified postures will be shown for those without a yoga background or have physical injuries.

Boat balancing pose demonstrating side angle pose supporting students with bow pose

Maintaining the authentic lineage from Swami Gitanandi to my teacher, David Goulet, I am committed to offering students a holistic practice, emphasising particularly the importance of pranayama, breathing exercises, and a more body-mind approach to our practice. All chakra yoga classes will practice the Three part yogic breath so that students learn how to increase their lung capacity and breathe more fully and completely.


Working with injuries or restrictions and flexibility for men

mental calm and focus with yoga

men doing yoga to improve flexibilityGiven my own back and neck injuries and spinal misalignment I am very aware of working with physical pain and on-going physical discomfort. It now brings me joy and confidence to support people who want to practice yoga but find certain postures challenging or may feel out of place in a larger group.

Men especially find a greater challenge with flexibility and thus could greatly benefit from yoga. Thus my classes work with people of varying conditions and with different health needs, young and old, women and men.  I often tell my students that even if they may be good at one aspect of yoga there is always another aspect that can be strengthened and mastered. Very often this is the aspect of Mind.


I used to offer Chakra Yoga classes in a number of centres in Penang: Inner Peace Yoga Circle, Lifeworks Holistic Centre, Quayside Yoga studio and Yoga Space. Currently, I hold two open weekly classes at Lifeworks and the Botanical Gardens as well as lead several private classes, addressing especially people’s personal health and emotional needs.

Thursday evening from 7pm-8.30pm

Chakra Yoga class at Lifeworks Holistic CentreThursday evening from 7pm-8.30pm for Beginners and
intermediate students (mixed) at Lifeworks Holistic Centre, 27 Jalan Brother James, Pulau Tikus,10350 Penang. chakra yoga weekly Thursday night practice

Come join a great group of men and women all keen to practice weekly and have good fun at the same time. Stretch, move, breathe, build strength, practice some mindfulness and relax! Drop in class rate is RM30.

Friday morning Gentle Yoga Outdoor Class from 9.45-11.00am
Yoga at Botanical gardens(usual venue: Botanical Gardens)

outdoor yoga classesThere is nothing more rejuvenating and healing than practising yoga in the outdoors. You receive the best quality air, highly charged oxygen and rich prana from nature. It brings me great joy to also tune students to the sights, sounds and smells of nature while they do their practice. Only RM20 per class.

Private Sessions

supporting special needs studentsChakra Yoga Private sessions are available for those students with some degree of physical limitation, back injuries, neck and shoulder pains as well as those interested to learn more about the chakra system and how to incorporate an understanding of the chakras into their regular yoga practice. Those with special needs will receive guidance on specific postures, breathing and meditation techniques that will support their healing needs.

Energy Exchange for Private session RM120 per hour


Testimonial from Anna Sam, Photographer, Penang
Being someone who has scoliosis, and disc degeneration in my neck, the structural misalignment I was diagnosed with last year by my chiropractor, led me to much confusion and helplessness (and depression), as to what I could/could not do when it came to exercising… even just plain movements!

Thankfully, I was “guided” to Sarah… a woman who has gone through her own journey of suffering.. and healing. Her patience, understanding, compassion, intuitiveness and perception to my needs, has been a BLESSING. Through yoga classes (private sessions as well), i have realised a lot of what has held me back are my own fears and anxieties. I have started to bend and stretch, and overall i feel my body healing, slowly and surely. My fears and anxieties have lessened. My confidence builds, gradually.

Testimonial from Kim Saunders, Yoga practitioner and Board member of the International Women’s Association in Penang

It has been both my pleasure and good fortune to have been studying Chakra Yoga with Sarah Joy Amin for over 3 years. As a teacher she is very caring and considerate, being able to accommodate many different levels of flexibility in her class. She is able to explain things clearly and concisely to many different nationalities, providing deep insights into how different poses and movements relate to the chakras and their effect on the body and mind. Sarah is naturally intuitive and quickly analyses the needs of each of her students. She makes wonderful use of music, and positive affirmations throughout her sessions. Her classes are very well planned although she is flexible and thoughtful enough to change things according to the energy levels of her students. She facilitates meditation at all levels and always completes a class with time for meditation.

As a person Sarah is a delight to know. In addition to being caring, considerate and intuitive she gives her all to each and every one of her students. She takes time and energy and gives them to her students, and she is an extremely kind, positive and sensitive soul. I am learning so much from her.

Thank you Sarah. I would recommend you and your classes and workshops to every one, unreservedly.

From Gale Metcalf, USA & Penang resident

I first joined a yoga class with Sarah in 2013.  I was a bit apprehensive as it had been many years since I had last practiced yoga.  In the intervening years, I had developed the beginnings of osteoarthritis in both knees and could not (and cannot) kneel. Before deciding to take the class, I discussed this with Sarah. She encouraged me to give it a try, reassuring me that she thought she could accommodate my physical limitations within a regular class and she did!  I was so pleased with the experience that I joined a second weekly class led by Sarah.

Unfortunately in 2015, I fell and broke my knee cap (which healed beautifully) and tore the meniscus/cartilage in my left knee. That tear has not healed. Months of rehab/PT followed. Eventually I felt I wanted to give yoga with Sarah another try. I discussed my new limitations with her and she agreed to take me on as a private student. That was in June, 2016.  I am very pleased with the results and continue as a private student.

I am not claiming that Sarah can accommodate any physical limitation but encourage those who are thinking of yoga but are concerned about a limitation to discuss your situation with her to see what is possible. You won’t regret it.

From Camilla Morgan, Kundalini and Hatha Yoga teacher in U.K.

I had the pleasure of attending Sarah’s yoga classes in Ibiza at Casa Solara. Sarah is a wonderful teacher, with vibrant energy and a kind and open heart which shines from her when she is teaching. I had not experienced this particular ‘style’ of yoga before ‘chakra yoga’ and I absolutely loved it as we focused on the specific chakra with specific exercises and asanas, some with dynamic breath, some slow and with beautiful affirmations for the chakra which I found very empowering. There was lots of laughter too which is always great to see in a yoga class !! 😉 Sarah is a natural, talented teacher and I would highly recommend attending her classes, I came away feeling vibrant, relaxed and energised.

From Reya, USA & Thailand.

Sarah-Joy is the definition of a compassionate, gifted, and artful healer who exudes love and kindness as well as skilled expertise. I had the pleasure of taking a yoga class with Sarah and receiving multi-dimensional chakra healing. In each capacity, Sarah demonstrated a loving professionalism rooted in complex training, wisdom, and deep intuition. As a yoga instructor, Sarah is both gentle and direct. Her classes are structured with ease and flow, and offer a chance to stretch, breathe, increase circulation and gain greater peace and relaxation. The class took place in the Botanical Gardens and was a breath of fresh prana!