Empowering AJNA, your Third Eye chakra, through chakra yoga practices

Welcome to my intro video on AJNA, the THIRD EYE Chakra which governs your Mental energy and Thought Patterns. The Third Eye chakra influences your Pituary gland, the master gland for your whole ENDOCRINE System and thus how effective your hormonal function is. It also influences your Cerebrum, the thinking aspect of your brain.

As Ajana chakra is situated between the Left and Right lobes of your brain, it helps to ensure more balance in your thought processes by expanding right brain function. This enhances Visual Perception, Imagery, Imagination, Intuition, Insight as well as Dream recall among other more psychic senses.

In Chakra Yoga classes we use visual concentration and guided meditation techniques to activate the Third Eye among other techniques. Check out the video to learn more, join the Chakra Yoga course or on-going classes in Penang, Malaysia.

Understanding Vishuddha, your Throat Chakra through chakra yoga practice

Welcome to my mini series introducing Chakra Yoga and the respective chakras. The THROAT Chakra or VISHUDDHA in Sankrit, is a very interesting, yet complex chakra, as it is the purview of d VERBAL MIND n sound.

At the physiological level, the Throat chakra influences the Thyroid and Parathyroid glands governing one’s metabolism, body temperature, rate of vibration of organs n cells, as well as the efficient movement of calcium in and out of one’s blood stream.

At the mental emotional level d Throat Chakra governs the energy of your Words, quality of your Voice, energy of your Verbal Thoughts and everything to do with your verbal mind and Manifestation. Chakra yoga practices use Sound such as toning, humming, Affirmations, mantras and a variety of concentration techniques to shift your mental energy and thus your overall frequency from a lower state to a higher vibrational state. It also teaches how your can change your life by changing your thoughts n words… As u learn about the Throat Chakra you enter more deeply into the realm of body-mind connections and the higher chakras. Namaste!

Activating Anahata, your Heart Chakra, through chakra yoga practices

Presenting the HEART CHAKRA in this mini series of Chakra Yoga videos. ANAHATA, in Sankrit is the centre chakra connected to your physical heart, lungs and skin. It is also the energy centre for your Social Identity and allows you to live life from a Heart-based centre. Heart chakra movements involve heart openers, back bends and flowing arm movements that are in sync with your breath. The Heart Chakra is connected to the AIR element and does best with deep breathing into the mid chest or rib cage area.

Come join me to learn more about the Heart chakra and other chakras to live life with more balance. Check out my website www.transformwithsarahjoy.com and facebook Chakra Yoga & Energy Healing for more details. Namaste!

Empowering Manipura, your Solar Plexus chakra, through Chakra Yoga

Welcome to d SOLAR PLEXUS or Manipura Chakra connected to your Digestive system and your Ego Personality Self. Having a strong solar plexus chakra ensures a healthy digestive function as well as energy, confidence and vitality to carry out your daily activities and plans. Here’s some ideas on how to work with your solar plexus chakra via Chakra Yoga by Sarah-Joy Amin.

This video is part of a mini series of CHAKRA YOGA videos. Check all seven videos

Connecting with your Sacral Chakra through chakra yoga practices

Introducing the Sacral Chakra and how you can activate your sacral chakra and embrace the water element in your body. What better way to work with your SACRAL CHAKRA than to be in the cool, flowing reinvigorating energy of Water. Water is the element of the Sacral Chakra inviting you to flow with life, to be flexible, move, dance, breathe n enjoy a balance sense of pleasure. It’s your Emotional Identity. This is the second of a 7 part series of mini videos on Chakra Yoga.

For more info check out my Chakra Yoga & Energy Healing fb n website: TransforwithSarahJoy.com. Namaste!